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My 4-part webinar series, "Troubleshooting with FusionReactor", starts Jan 30

Tomorrow (Jan 30, 2019) I am beginning a planned 4-part series of new FusionReactor webinars (to add to the 13 topics I've already done, as listed at the FusionReactor Webinars page).

These all-new ones will focus on Troubleshooting with FusionReactor and are geared toward helping folks new to FR--or perhaps experienced but a bit bemused by its many features--to better understand how to use it to troubleshoot problems in your app server (CF, Lucee, or any Java server).

The parts in the new series (with links here to register directly to attend) will be:

A more detailed description of each presentation is offered at both its registration page (click the "more" link offered there to see more details), and on the FR webinars page (though as of this writing, there's a slight mistake in that the first part's description is truncated, and the 4th part is not listed there. These are due to be fixed tomorrow.)

And yes, while the first session is on a Wednesday, the last 3 are on Thursdays, all at 10a US Eastern time. The sessions will run somewhere between 30-60 mins each, depending on questions.

As with all FR webinars, the sessions will be recorded and a link to each is offered on the aforementioned FR webinars page (new recordings are posted generally within a day of the session).

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