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Did you know the Adobe Immerse '18 online conference (next week) will have 16 CF sessions?

You may or may not know that Adobe is having an online conference next week, Immerse '18, from June 12-15. It was traditionally an AEM conference.

But did you know that this year they have added other Adobe enterprise products, including ColdFusion. There will be 16 CF sessions, all presented by members of the CF team. Some are about CF2018 but some are not.

I think most CF folks would find the low $75 $15 price to attend (Adobe just posted this discount code: He7B52)--which includes access to the recordings of all 90 sessions--to be well worthwhile. For the sessions, speakers, and more, see below.

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I learned after posting this that Adobe had even offered a discount code to bring the price to just US$15! Awesome. Use this code: He7B52.

Thanks to Rahul Upadhyay for sharing it (https://m.facebook.c... and Mike Collins for pointing it out to me.

I have updated the post above, accordingly.
# Posted By Charles Arehart | 6/8/18 10:52 PM
Charlie, thank you for posting this, and for always being such a positive voice in the CF community!
# Posted By Matt Hancock | 6/12/18 12:25 PM
Thank you for the encouragement, Matt. :-)
# Posted By Charles Arehart | 6/12/18 12:27 PM
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