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I'll be speaking at CFCamp in Munich, Germany, Oct 20-21. See you there!

I'm delighted to announce that I'll be presenting again this year at CFCamp, in Munich, Oct 20-21.

As at CF Summit the week before, I'll be offering the same two talks. First, as I do for each release, I'll be offering my "Hidden Gems In ColdFusion 2016". It should be as classically useful as ever, whether for those either new to or experienced with CF 2016.

Second, I'll offer again the "vendor" talk I have created for Intergral, makers of FusionReactor, "Keep applications online with FusionReactor 6", highlighting the key new features of FR 6, which I help people use about every day.

I certainly appreciate the Michael and the CFCamp conference team selecting me again to be a speaker at the event, my third in a row.

The conference is always a great time, as is getting to visit Germany (and my wife, Kim, will be joining me this year). Then there are all the great attendees, and sponsor booths, and of course lots of useful information shared from all the presenters.

If you'll be attending, I hope to see you there! There are still tickets available, and reasonably priced for this two-day event. See the Tickets page.

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