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Updates, updates. Get your CF updates! The CF Team has been busy fixin' bugs!

Note: This blog post is from 2015. Some content may be outdated--though not necessarily. Same with links and subsequent comments from myself or others. Corrections are welcome, in the comments. And I may revise the content as necessary.
If you'd not noticed, the CF team has been busy fixin' bugs! Over 300 in CF11 in just the past month. Check out these two announcements today of prereleases of update 5 for CF11 and update 16 for CF10:

This is on top of the release earlier this week of the final version of CF11 Update 4 (which had been in prerelease for a couple of weeks):

Great to see the CF team cranking on the bug fixes. I count just under 120 in the technotes for CF11 update 5, and just under 40 in CF10 update 16. And there were just under 200 fixes in Update 3 of CF11, which again was released just in recent weeks.

Yeah, but what about all those bugs?

Yes, I know some could twist things and say "yeah, but the problem is that there are so many bugs to be fixed". Sure.

Still, for others who may have longed to see their bugs fixed,

here's hoping that these or any of the other recent updates may address those for them.

File your bugs, vote for others

And let this be a lesson to folks: if you've got a problem, don't just publicly complain about it. File a bug report. That said, since the team does need to triage bug fixes and does take votes into account, some may want to publicize their particular bug to garner interest in it.

But please: don't ask me to do that for you here. :-) You may notice I don't even do that myself here for bugs I report. I trust that the system works and important problems will be found and voted upon by folks.

The recent spurt of bug fixes, as well as some specific responses to issues I've raised (some, not all), does give me hope that the process is working.

Do remove any prerelease updates when things go final

Oh, and if you may have applied (or will apply) one of the prereleases, don't forget to uninstall it when the final comes out. And change your CF Admin "update settings" page to point back to the original URL (versus the prerelease update feed URL). Use the provided "restore default URL" for that. In fact, I'd recommend you do that right after downloading a prerelease, so you don't forget.

Sadly, I have found that even with the default URL restored, we are NOT notified that a new final release is ready if we have the prerelease installed. That's unfortuante. Until that may be fixed, do keep an eye on that CF team blog above. It's a great resource of what's going on with CF.

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This is great, but why can't they put as much energy into updating builder?
# Posted By Derek | 2/21/15 11:06 PM
@Derek, as you know (since I see you commented there) they did post a Builder update just a couple of weeks ago (http://blogs.coldfus...).

And I see your comment asking this same thing, wishing for more fixes especially about color coding. That's the best place to ask, really, not here. :-) I'm just sharing the news of what they've done. I have no control of what they have not.

It's perhaps somewhat interesting to note that of the 21 comments there at that entry, they're all related to technicalities of applying the update. No one else is asking "where are more updates?", let alone your specific issue.

I'm not saying there are not such problems. I'm just saying, as I did above, that it's up to people to let Adobe know of their concerns and get others to join them in whatever that concern is. (I've not experienced the disdain over color coding issues myself.)

And again, that means filing bug reports, and then getting others with the same issue to join in voting for them. They're clearly listening, and who knows, you may soon find an update that will address your issues. Go file your bugs, and maybe put links to them somewhere that Builder users gather (the Adobe forums, the CF team blog, bloggers devoted to Builder, etc.)
# Posted By charlie arehart | 2/21/15 11:50 PM
Thanks, but I have done all that.
# Posted By Derek | 2/23/15 9:19 AM
@Derek, OK, then I guess you were just looking for someplace to vent. Just clarifying that you asked a question I can't answer any differently than I have. Let's wait and see how things proceed then regarding your issues. I have some hope that they are working on it, as I have seen others raising the issues and it would seem something they should be able to solve.
# Posted By Charlie Arehart | 2/23/15 11:31 AM
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