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Give to help victims of Hurricane Sandy, get a chance to win something

Note: This blog post is from 2012. Some content may be outdated--though not necessarily. Same with links and subsequent comments from myself or others. Corrections are welcome, in the comments. And I may revise the content as necessary.
The boys at the CFHour podcast, Dave, Scott, and Matt, are running a relief effort for victims of Hurricane Sandy.

If you'll make a donation of any amount to any relief effort devoted to victims of Sandy (like the popular Red Cross texting program), and then let the CFHour guys know about it, you'll be put in a draw to win a copy of CFBuilder 2.

To enter the draw, either or email them at show(at)cfhour(dot)com (the latter was added after the episode, in a reply to a comment on Adam Cameron's blog, where he too is kindly promoting the effort.

As he notes there (for those who have not yet listened to the episode, where Scott proposed the effort/contest, for the sake of those in the affected NY/NJ area he once called home), here is how things work:

Donate some money to a charity that is targeting the relief of victims of Hurricane Sandy. Take a photo of the receipt and post it somewhere on the 'net that can be viewed (obscure any sensitive personal info!), then tweet the URL along with a hash-tag of #CFHourCares.

Again, though, for those not on twitter, Matt has since offered the email approach above.

And even if you may not need or want the CFBuilder license, perhaps you could give it to someone else. No pressure, of course, if you may have already given elsewhere and otherwise.

Anyway, it's always great to see when the CF community comes together for a good cause.

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Thanks for helping promote this effort.
# Posted By Dave Ferguson | 11/19/12 12:25 PM
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