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Did you know CF's used by Dell, TomTom, BestBuy and more? Well...

Note: This blog post is from 2010. Some content may be outdated--though not necessarily. Same with links and subsequent comments from myself or others. Corrections are welcome, in the comments. And I may revise the content as necessary.
Did you know CF's being used by Dell, TomTom, BestBuy and others? Well, it is, but through a service they license, but for public-facing parts of their sites, so it's indeed worth noting.

I had noticed today that Budd Wright from PelcoSolutions (aka DVS Interactive) blogged this weekend that "BestBuy Uses ColdFusion". That certainly caught my eye (heck, I was in the store just yesterday.)

Just the BestBuy "trade-in" site, but more than meets the eye

As I read it and saw it was about their trade-in site, I thought, "well, some may bemoan that it's 'just a subsite'", and therefore may not find it quite as compelling as if it were the main site. That may be so.

But on closer examination I found something that is indeed still more compelling. What BestBuy is using (that uses CF) is really a licensed service from dealtree.com. And if one looks at that page (where DealTree lists others using their service), we see that indeed it's used also by Dell, TomTom, Sharp, Buy.com, Gateway, Casio, Ebay, and others. So this is about more than just BestBuy! :-)

These other companies (Dell, TomTom, etc.) would have high expectations

They all certainly wouldn't have chosen if if it wasn't suitable to the task, and you'd think someone higher up in each company had to clear it, since trade-in processing is pretty public-facing (both in-store and online).

Perhaps we can hope it may raise the profile of CF within the companies (though really, it's probably just seen as a utility to most, SAAS that just works, so that may be too much to hope for.)

Still, since these are companies which will require fast response in both the in-store and online sites, it's certainly a nice set of examples of e-commerce CF use that we can point to, so thanks for sharing, Budd.

I figured this was all a little much to put in his blog as a comment. :-) Plus I thought that my blogging it separately might be a nice way to give his entry a little more "link juice" in the search engines. :-)

Who else is using CF?

I'm adding this after a couple of comments below, of people noting other sites using CF. I didn't think to mention it when I wrote this but I do keep a list of resources helping people who may wonder what other sites run CF. It's one of the 125+ categories in my CF411 site:

CFML-Powered Web Sites (who's using CFML?)

To be clear, I'm not keeping a list. Instead, I point there to many sites that do keep such lists.

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Always love these stories ... thanks for sharing!
# Posted By Jason Fisher | 6/1/10 2:35 PM
Always good to hear of more companies that use CFML.

You have a typo in your link to Budd's blog post - looks like an extra " inside the href?
# Posted By Sean Corfield | 6/1/10 7:35 PM
There are also quite a few government depts that use ColdFusion too, I used to be a conusltant for www.dfes.gov.uk and they have a lot of cf sites as to other depts. There are in fact so many that Adobe run seminars and training especially for govt clients.
# Posted By Russ Michaels | 6/1/10 8:26 PM
Thanks for diving in deeper, Charlie, as well as the cross-linking! With all of these big name companies using ColdFusion one way or another, we can't be wrong about our love affair with CF! ;)
# Posted By Budd Wright | 6/1/10 8:57 PM
All these sites shoudl be added to:

There are many many companies and sites running cfml and we all need to show how wide spread CF really is.
# Posted By Who Uses ColdFusion | 6/1/10 9:58 PM
Thanks to all who have commented so far (removed that spare quote, thanks Sean). As for the mentions of other sites running CF, I should note that I really didn't intend to start another cataloging of "who uses CF". Indeed, I am well aware of the many sites that already do that, so before other people may start wanting to point them out, let me save folks the effort. See the modification I just made to the bottom of my entry, where I point to my CF411 site category of resources that do point to "who uses CF".

If anyone wants to point these out to those folks, feel free. I am leaving it at this. Just not enough time to do everything that I might. :-)

On that note, and as for the last commenter above, who noted that the sites should be added to whousescoldfusion.com, I see you are identifying yourself as the owner, so I trust you are saying that you will be adding them? But more important, if you don't mind sharing, I'd love if you'd let us know who you are. I've never been able to find an identifier on the site so have not been able to give attribution in the link I have for you in the CF411 section I refer to above. Or are you another one of these people who prefers to remain anonymous? Folks who know me will know that I just don't understand that way of doing things, but of course to each their own. :-)
# Posted By Charlie Arehart | 6/1/10 10:32 PM
FYI, they are hiring

# Posted By KC | 6/2/10 1:49 AM

Interesting note: our Fortigate blocks that whouses... domain, and notes it's listed as malware. Don't know if that's accurate; I make no judgment one way or the other, but it may indicate that your caution is not at all unwarranted.
# Posted By Jason Fisher | 6/2/10 7:47 AM
I understand Selfridges, a high end department store here in the UK use it (or at least they did)! That's a nice endorsement :)
# Posted By Cate | 6/2/10 10:57 AM
I'm not sure if I missed this in blog+posts... but I was looking at dealtree.com, and noticed the copyright = "Dealtree, a Best Buy Brand." So perhaps Best Buy does use cf more than we know.... ??
# Posted By dan | 6/2/10 11:24 AM
@Dan, interesting point. Their about page does confirm that they were aquired by Bust Buy in 2008: http://www.dealtree....

That said, I do wonder if we want to infer any necessarily greater impact of CF on BB from this. I mean, they could have just acquired it and having it functioning entirely separately from any other servers. This happens in many organizations.

Even if so, it certainly wouldn't diminish the point above, that many other organizations are licensing the service and using it in front-facing aspects of their sites. Either way, thanks for the added observation (and to others chiming in).
# Posted By Charlie Arehart | 6/2/10 12:00 PM
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