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Some recent podcast participation

Note: This blog post is from 2010. Some content may be outdated--though not necessarily. Same with links and subsequent comments from myself or others. Corrections are welcome, in the comments. And I may revise the content as necessary.
I've had the pleasure of participating in a few recent podcasts and related activities. While regular listeners to those will naturally hear them, I figured I should highlight the episodes for those who may not be.


First, some may know that I'm a regular panelist on a podcast called the RIApodcast. Well, there was a special roundtable session at the recent cf.Objective() conference, and I was privileged to be asked to join in that, along with Ray Camden as well as RIAPodcast regulars John Mason (host) and Josh Adams (of Adobe).

(The RIAPodcast is recorded twice monthly, after the Atlanta Flex and then the Atlanta CF user groups. John then often splits each into two, so it's an approximately weekly podcast.)


Then, too, John and I joined Brian Meloche for his CFConversations podcast presentation of another cf.Objective() roundtable session.

While there's naturally a fair bit of overlap between the two (given there are different audiences for each), we still tried to cover slightly different things in each.

Mura Show

Finally, though it's not really a "podcast", on a perhaps related note I was also guest recently for several episodes on The Mura Show, which is a recurring (Recorded) online meeting. In these sessions, my site (CArehart.org) was a guinea pig/test case as the Mura guys graciously led viewers through a complete re-do of my site to run atop Mura. You can see the shows at their show archive.

We may still have another episode or two in the future to wrap things up, but certainly if you're interested in Mura it's a great start-to-finish presentation of getting a site running under and benefiting in many ways from Mura.

I may have still some more news of interesting participation in other such podcast-style activities to share in the future.

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I am very much enjoying hearing you on all the podcasts. Both smart and sharp.
# Posted By John Allen | 5/5/10 9:30 PM
Well thank you very much for that, John. An unexpected kindness with which to start off my day. :-)
# Posted By charlie arehart | 5/6/10 7:19 AM
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