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CFBuilder team is blogging

Note: This blog post is from 2009. Some content may be outdated--though not necessarily. Same with links and subsequent comments from myself or others. Corrections are welcome, in the comments. And I may revise the content as necessary.
If you're getting into (or might get into) CFBuilder, the new CFML editor from Adobe, check out the Adobe engineering team that's now blogging about it:


They've shared a couple of tips and will surely share more. The feed is at http://blogs.adobe.com/cfbuilder/atom.xml. This is in addition to all the other useful CFBuilder getting started resources, that I pointed out in an earlier entry.

Yet another potentially important CFBuilder Getting Started resource

I'll have more to say tomorrow about still another resource I'm creating to help you get started with CFBuilder.

Other older resources for Eclipse-based CFML editors

In the meantime, I might point out an older set of resources I did on the Adobe ColdFusion Extensions for Eclipse and on CFEclipse (both of which might be regarded by some as the predecessors to CFBuilder), some of which have info still useful in CFBuilder:

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