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"ColdFusion 8 Best Kept Secrets", watch my Max presentation

Note: This blog post is from 2009. Some content may be outdated--though not necessarily. Same with links and subsequent comments from myself or others. Corrections are welcome, in the comments. And I may revise the content as necessary.
Think you know all the things that were new in CF 8/8.01? Could you name several dozen? If not, you can watch/listen to my Max presentation, "ColdFusion 8 Best Kept Secrets", which is one of many Max NA 2008 videos which Adobe has released at tv.adobe.com. You can find a description of the talk here.

I actually did 2 Max talks (in addition to my Unconference talks), and I've mentioned the link to the other in another entry (so as to title and categorize it separately).

I'll note as well that I list this and all presentations I do, with links to PDFs or recordings, at the presentations section of my site.

Different links for Max videos have been shared

Indeed, FWIW, I'll clarify that on that presentations page I previously listed a link to a recording of the talk which was available only to registered Max attendees. Unlike the first link offered above, at tv.adobe.com and open for all to view, this other link was at groups.adobe.com, specifically the Adobe Groups Max NA site, which required a login and you could only join if you were a registered Max attendee.

Sorry if that last part's confusing. It's just a result of Adobe trying different ways to make the content available, which was happening at the same time that the Adobe layoffs were happening.

Let's just thank them for providing the videos at all, and especially for all the free ones at tv.adobe.com.

Finding other CF Videos at tv.adobe.com

Finally, note that you can find other CF videos by selecting the "all product" category and choosing CF. Of course, you can also use the search field as well to find specific speakers or topics.

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Hey Charlie, I'm glad I got to run into you at Max even though I missed this preso. I just watched it online though and actually picked up a couple new things I didn't know. Specifically, the cool cfdump attributes. I don't care if enterprise features sell a language, its the ones like cfdump that makes it easy to use. :)
# Posted By Brad Wood | 2/7/09 11:35 PM
Yep, absolutely, and as you saw (and I'll say for others), I mention that very point in my talk, that for some sites, what makes them move to CF8 may be some seemingly little thing, like perhaps the ability to do caching and cfqueryparam at the same time. Thanks for the kind regards, Brad.
# Posted By Charlie Arehart | 2/8/09 9:02 PM
oh... I forgot I can use & and || ! in CFIF, nice! thanks!

wow, and the showUDFs="yes/no" in CFDUMP means... no more variables.instance scope required!? NICE!
# Posted By Henry Ho | 2/10/09 5:49 PM
Correction Charlie:

CFLOOP array="#arr#" index="indexName"

your slide said name=
# Posted By Henry Ho | 2/10/09 5:53 PM
Thanks, Henry. I have corrected the slide in my own version of the preso, and in the PDF I offer from my own site. Sadly, I can't edit the video to correct that. I do so wish there was a way for people to offer comments on the tv.adobe.com site, so that others might be notified of this. Oh well. Thanks again.
# Posted By Charlie Arehart | 2/10/09 9:26 PM
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