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Categorizing the 30-some CF frameworks: how did I do?

Note: This blog post is from 2009. Some content may be outdated--though not necessarily. Same with links and subsequent comments from myself or others. Corrections are welcome, in the comments. And I may revise the content as necessary.
Some may know that among my CF411.com site's list of 700+ tools/resources for CFers in 125 categories, I have long listed the 30+ CF frameworks. (Yes, there really are that many.)

But until now, I just listed them all together, without any subcategory. Today I took a shot to categorize them and saw 3 categories:

  • CFML Application Frameworks/Methodologies
  • CFML Injection Frameworks/Methodologies
  • CFML ORM Frameworks/Methodologies

How did I do? Are these good categories? Most of them fit in the first category (about 25) are in the first category. I didn't want to break them down into which were MVC, etc. Should I bother?

Two are in the injection frameworks category (ColdSpring and Lightwire). How's that for a category name? And there are four in the ORM category.

Are things in the right place? Any needed additions/subtractions? As with all the categories in the CF411 list, I welcome suggestions, corrections, etc.

And if you didn't know there were 30-some CF frameworks, check out the list:

CFML Frameworks/Methodologies

One last request: before you comment, please check the other comments and see if I may have already changed/corrected something.

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Dang, that's quite a list. I sure appreciate what you do for the community Charlie. I couldn't think of any think you missed right off. Heck, you had quite a few I had never heard of :)

Is it too soon to list Bolt?
# Posted By Brad Wood | 2/11/09 11:43 PM
awesome. i can't believe you were able to make a list that extensive. then again, your charlie arehart! btw, thanks for including icegen on your list, that was really cool.
# Posted By tony petruzzi | 2/12/09 8:51 AM
Thanks, guys. I appreciate the kind regards, and indeed the whole point of the list is to help people learn of things they may otherwise have missed. Obviously, there's a LOT out there. :-) The challenge is getting people to think to look here. Anything you or others can do to point folks to it would be appreciated. I'm obviously not selling anything here, so it's not for me but for the community that I want to spread the word.

@Brad, I went ahead and added Bolt (hadn't yet since you can't get it, but point to the labs page and the beta app. Will just need to remember to remove that wording when it's released.)

@Tony, sure, happy to have pointed to your project, and indeed any others.
# Posted By Charlie Arehart | 2/12/09 11:07 AM
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