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Tools and Resources for CFers, Part 3: Blogging Tools

Note: This blog post is from 2008. Some content may be outdated--though not necessarily. Same with links and subsequent comments from myself or others. Corrections are welcome, in the comments. And I may revise the content as necessary.
As some may know, I keep a list of over 700 tools and resources of interest to CFers, broken into more than 100 categories. I've decided to start offering each category here as a blog entry. Again, to see the list of all categories, see Part 1 of this series.

Today I'll jump from the resources section of the list to the tools section. It's just coincidental (well, alphabetical) that the first items in each list is about blogging (Part 2 was on CF-oriented blog aggregators.)

This entry is about CFML-based blogging tools, both downloadable and hosted.

Blogging Tools

The following are blogging tools (tools for creating a blog) that are written in CFML. Of course, you can find blogging tools written in many other languages that you may choose to use on your site (as well as hosted solutions, where the code platform doesn't matter to you). I don't want to try to keep here a list of all such CMSes, so this focuses on those that are written in CFML and that you can download. I list, after that, hosted solutions written in CFML.

  • 1ssBlog, open source, from Ed Tabara
  • AVBlog, open source, from Andrea Veggiani
  • BlogCFC, open source, from Ray Camden
  • BlogCFM, open source, from Rick Root
  • CFBloggy, open source, from John Ramon (see also his blog)
  • Fuseblog, open source, from James Husum (not updated in some time)
  • KoldKast, free for download, and also available as a fee-based hosted solution, from Rick Smith
  • MachBlog, a blogging package from Matt Woodward and Peter Farrell, and based on Mach-ii
  • Mango, "a sweet ColdFusion blog engine" from Laura Arguello of asfusion
  • See also Brian Rinaldi's Open Source CF list of blog tools
  • I welcome additions/corrections/feedback.

There are also a few blogging solutions that, while written in CFML, are not available for download but instead are available as hosted solutions:

  • Blog-City, fee-based hosted solution
  • BlogFusion, free and fee-based hosted solutions, from Jake McKee
  • CFBlog, free hosted solution for the CF community, powered by BlogFusion
  • InstantSpot, free hosted solution, from Aaron Lynch and Dave Shuck
  • KoldKast, free for download, and also available as a fee-based hosted solution, from Rick Smith
  • I welcome additions/corrections/feedback.
Besides the tools above used to create blogs, here are some that can help with creating blog entries:
  • Amazoner, a tool to help a blogger easily recommend books that they like, using their Amazon associate ID
  • LiveWriter, a desktop application from Microsoft that makes it easy to publish rich content to your blog
  • Post2Blog, an alternative to LiveWriter
  • I welcome additions/corrections/feedback.


This is a perpetual work in progress. I definitely welcome additions or corrections to this list. If you have any to offer, you can leave them here as a comment on this blog entry and I'll move them to the list on the site.

BTW, before you offer an update here, please do check the category on the real list. I won't be coming back here to update these blog entries to sync them if I add new items to the real list.

About this series

This entry is part of an ongoing series, sharing each of the 100+ categories and the tools and resources I (and others) have identified. They're designed to answer the questions we hear, like , "does anyone know of tools or resources to help with ...?"

Someone may ask why I'm blogging each of these categories, when they're available online anyway. It's just that, through aggregation and feeds, blogs present a way to reach a wider (and new) audience who may not otherwise come across the list of tools and resources. This also widens the pool of eyes for possible updates to the list. I want it to be as accurate and up to date as possible. I may in the future offer an RSS feed of any updates made to the list.

Otherwise, I hope people will get great value out of the lists, here or on the tools and resources page.

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