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Anyone know where I can find a recorded presentation about ...?

Note: This blog post is from 2008. Some content may be outdated--though not necessarily. Same with links and subsequent comments from myself or others. Corrections are welcome, in the comments. And I may revise the content as necessary.
I saw a question on a CF list today, where someone was asking whether anyone knew of a recorded presentation about a particular topic. That made me think it might be time to remind the community of my UGTV site:


There you can find over 200 recorded presentations from nearly 150 presenters, totaling 220+ hours of video, all for free, and searchable, with RSS feeds, including RSS feeds based on your search criteria.

New recordings are being added all the time. Indeed, I've been thinking also of starting to publish a weekly summary of submissions here on my blog, for those who don't think to get the RSS feed.

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You should start linking to YouTube (and perhaps teaching how to do it) videos. These will more than likely be "series" since each segment on YouTube is not suppose to be over 10 minutes. (and perhaps that will keep the presenter from rambling!)
# Posted By John Farrar | 4/17/08 4:48 PM
Hey John, there are indeed some youtube presentations in there. I don't really care at all where the recordings come from. The majority are indeed user group talks, and as such tend to be Connect recordings, but there's no limitation to what people can submit.

That said, it's important to say that this is not just for *me* to "start link to" such talks, but anyone at all may add new recordings here. If that's not clear, I'll welcome feedback. It's certainly an important point and intention of the service. Note that it takes only a few seconds to submit a new entry, and no kind of login or membership is required (I have several ways of keeping out spam submissions).

Finally, as for any preference one may have for shorter recordings, note as well that the list of recordings always shows the duration of the recording (if it was provided by the submitter). It also shows who the submitter was. I thought that kind of recognition might motivate some people to like to contribute more. So far, though, only about 40 others have. I wish I could motivate every presenter and user group manager (or those who attend them) would think to put them here.

I'll do a blog entry to reiterate that point.
# Posted By Charlie Arehart | 4/17/08 5:28 PM
I meant to say, as well, regarding the display of the duration (and the submitter) that you can not only sort by those colums, but note as well that you can choose duration as a drop-down filter (at the top left of the table) to only show those of a given duration.
# Posted By Charlie Arehart | 4/17/08 5:30 PM
Charlie - I'd love to see a weekly or monthly post about what's new. I like watching these during lunch :)
# Posted By Jim Priest | 4/17/08 5:46 PM
@Jim: I was going to agree with your statement until I saw the RSS feed at the bottom of the list. I'm adding that into Google Reader right now so I stay up to date on what's added. Maybe a last-month, last-week search option for the table listing?

@Charlie: a big thanks for doing this presentation aggregation as I know I plan to attend quite a bit of online presentations only to have some issue come up and miss them (or network at work sucking) and it's great to go to one place to see everything that's out there.
# Posted By Phil Duba | 4/18/08 10:52 AM
Well RSS works :)
# Posted By Jim Priest | 4/18/08 10:57 AM
Thanks guys. So, yes, there's RSS, which would seem to serve most of the need expressed. But even if one wanted something in the table, do you guys see that it provides the date of entry (and of recording) and that those are sortable? It just seems to me that adding "the last week" or "the last month" would be somewhat redundant.

Then again, I did add the filter by duration, and one may argue that it's close to that. But they're different, really. That was permitting a range of choices, that may be hard to find within a sorted list. But just "the last week" or "the last month" is readily observed by the date being shown and being the default order. It's just a matter of paging, then.

But really, an entirely different thought would be to provide a mechanism to let you indicate if you've seen a video, so that you could filter out those you have.

That's part of a larger effort I've long hoped to add, of letting people comment on and rate individual recordings. I'd then have a landing page for each recording, as opposed to me just offering the link to the recording, which would also allow me to track/show how many times each has been viewed, at least by way of my site. Just another useful addition. All in good time. :-)

I do appreciate the feedback.
# Posted By Charlie Arehart | 4/18/08 4:03 PM
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