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CF Meetup meeting time update for this week

Note: This blog post is from 2008. Some content, links and indeed comments from others may be outdated--though not necessarily. Corrections are welcome, in the comments. I may revise the content if necessary.
When I posted my weekly announcement about this week's meetup, I mistakenly listed the second talk (with Tom Chiverton) as being at 3pm US EDT. Instead, it's at 2pm.

I've updated that entry, but those who get the feed of this blog won't get notified of that update, I've decided to do this new entry.

"Intermediate ColdSpring: Remote CFCs", with Tom Chiverton

Thursday, Oct 16, SPECIAL TIME 2:00pm US EDT (GMT-4)

Meeting description, details, optional RSVP

The unusual time in the early afternoon (in US Eastern time) is because our presenter is in London, where it will be his 6pm.

Of course, the first talk (at noon, with Isaac Dealey) is on at its scheduled time. More info in the notice last week.

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