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Did you know that Aptana supports Javascript debugging?

Note: This blog post is from 2007. Some content may be outdated--though not necessarily. Same with links and subsequent comments from myself or others. Corrections are welcome, in the comments. And I may revise the content as necessary.
A lot of folks are high on Aptana, which is a plug-in for Eclipse that works as a nice adjunct to CFEclipse, since it adds nice support for working with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript files.

One thing I've not seen mentioned often is that it supports Javascript Debugging (at least in Firefox, and soon in IE). For more info, see:


For those still relatively new to Aptana, this is one of many topics discussed in a "Getting to Know Aptana" guide on the site:


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Yes we know! :)
# Posted By Tim | 8/4/07 11:47 PM
Curious response, Tim. Who's the "we"? If you're suggesting I didn't need to bother writing this because "everyone knows", I want to clarify something.

(I tried to email you directly to ask about this, but the email address you've offered does not work. Since you offer no URL as well, I can't assume your comment is just blogspam to be ignored.)

Before writing, as I generally do, I did a search of hundreds of CF blogs to find if anyone had already written on this. I found none.

One may ask: how did you search through hundreds of CF blogs? I wrote about this in the past (http://carehart.org/...) that I and many others have created what are called Google Custom Search Engines (CSE's) where we can list links to specific CF sites (blogs, kb's, magazines, etc.) to permit searches just against those.

Before writing this entry, I searched mine (http://www.google.co... which has over 783 sites listed, and found no clear statements from anyone about this feature, so I decided to share it.

Feel free to point out if I missed any. I thought about asking that in the note, but simply forgot.

If you meant nothing of this sort in your casual comment, my apologies. I just want to share that I try really hard not to just pass along stuff that others have already written about (or if I do feel that I have something to add, I then like to point to other resources with more background as well).
# Posted By Charlie Arehart | 8/5/07 11:26 AM
Aptana is cool. The FTP features it has are a revelation.
# Posted By Paul Stewart | 8/8/07 5:31 AM
Wow. Over-react much?
# Posted By Anon | 5/6/09 2:37 AM
@Anon, since this is a two year old entry, and you've not given much context, I'm having to guess as to what you're referring to. I can't see how it would be the blog entry itself.

Was it my reply to "Tim", who's similarly lame comment was "Yes we know!"?

If so, I'm curious: did you read to the bottom of my reply to him? I tried to anticipate a sentiment like yours. Why wasn't it enough to satisfy you?

And as if dropping a lame comment on a two year old entry isn't bad enough, what's up with hiding behind "Anon"? If you're going to throw stones, be a man (or woman) and identify yourself.

Someone lobbed a similarly churlish reply to another couple-year-old entry two weeks ago. I just deleted that one, the only one I ever have that wasn't blatant spam. But now I'm getting annoyed (whether that other was you are not) so I'm leaving it here and want to ask: what's your point in this comment?

I only "over-react" to such snarky comments, when they don't give any context as to know where they're coming from, let alone who they're coming from.

Dude, don't be a blog terrorist. :-)
# Posted By Charlie Arehart | 5/6/09 11:33 AM
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