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If you're not familiar with makeuseof.com, let me share it with you. It's a pretty nifty service: ok, it's a blog and podcast, but I think of it instead like a daily newsletter. Pretty much every day, they crank out a quick, to the point, list of (usually) a handful of interesting (related) tips or resources, such as:

And they frequently do a list of "Cool Websites and Tips" (latest edition was #104.

They've also had some things of interest specifically to bloggers:

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I checked out their review of TNX.net and clicked thru to TNX's site - check out their terms for publishers (specifically the last bullet):

Requirements for participating sites

The requirements for our partners’ sites:

- number of visitors: at the present time there are no restrictions!

- PR: It is preferable to have pages on the site with PR at least 1. You can check it here: volume check of pages’ PR.

- domain: preferred are second level domains with paid hosting registered over 6 months ago

- site selection by search engines: at least once per month

- Number of pages: at least 30 (with regular ranking)

- presence in a major catalogue, DMOZ: preferred

- PHP: a must

Ugh.... I can't understand why some of these programs are alienating themselves to PHP only and not using some technology agnostic code. I'm going to contact them and ask why/volunteer to create ColdFusion support for them.
# Posted By todd sharp | 11/25/07 9:05 AM
Well - I *would* have contacted them, but it seems they've committed the ultimate sin and do not have a Contact page. Unless I'm missing something and the link is that hard to find (which is just as bad).
# Posted By todd sharp | 11/25/07 9:08 AM
Well, let's clarify that this is a concern about a site that the makeuseof folks reviewed (and a paid review, in that case, as shown by the category it's "filed under", which they don't do often but do to help pay the bills).

About the requirement of PHP for tnx.net, I had to dig around quite a bit to found it, but for those interested, it's http://www.tnx.net/t... As for them choosing it, well, if it were simply that they required PHP be installed on your server because they'd written something that called such a page, I might not balk so much (it's not hard to add PHP and many hosts do come with it), but it kind of reads like you need to drop PHP code into the page doing the ad, and of course that's not going to fly on CF pages.

And certainly, their failure to provide any way to contact them is dismaying. Oh well.

Let's not turn this entry into a debate about all that. :-) That's not at all he purpose of this entry. I'd recommend instead that people share comments for or against this in the comments area of the makeuseof entry pointed to above.
# Posted By Charlie Arehart | 11/25/07 3:00 PM
Hey Charlie

Thanks for the awesome review, highly appreciated.
I knew about your site before, but never realized you had a blog. Well, now I know. ;-).
# Posted By Aibek | 11/29/07 9:23 AM
Wow, so are you saying you're behind MakeUseOf? And that you're a CF person? That's cool to hear. Anyway, my enthusiasm for MakeUseOf is sincere. True to its name, I get something useful nearly every day. :-) Where are you based out of, or is it a team of people, perhaps spread out?
# Posted By Charlie Arehart | 11/29/07 10:56 AM
Hi Charlie

I am based in Denmark. However our guest authors come from various places, mainly from US and Europe.
# Posted By Aibek | 12/2/07 7:37 AM
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