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UGTV is on the air. Watch CF presentations from your home/office or CFUG.

Note: This blog post is from 2006. Some content may be outdated--though not necessarily. Same with links and subsequent comments from myself or others. Corrections are welcome, in the comments. And I may revise the content as necessary.
If you've missed past CF presentations at CFUGs and online meetings, did you know they may have been recorded? Well here's good news: I've now created a repository to hold links to all such recorded presentations, across any and all CFUGs (and I'm open to talks beyond CF). Come see them (and add any new ones) at a site I've named "UGTV". :-) It's available simply as http://carehart.org/ugtv/.

If you missed my note Friday on "Is your CFUG taking advantage of the free access to Breeze for Adobe user groups", I talked about how Adobe UG managers can use a free Beeze (a.k.a Adobe Connect) account for bringing in remote presenters, allowing remote attendees, and creating such recordings.

The UGTV site also points out existing lists of recorded presentations that focus on specific "venues". I hope that this site can be a repository of any and all venues--even personally recorded ones as some may start to create. Think of is as UGTube! (I actually found that the domain name is available, but decided not to use it for fear of tradename infringement.)

The site is a work-in-progress. For now, it's functional, allowing you to both list, sort, and add presentations (yes, anyone can add presentations. Please do!)

I'll evolve the site further, for sure to improve its interface and functionality.

For now, please spread the word both for those who want to watch (from home/office or in a group at a CFUG) and those who might be able to add new presentation.

And let me know what you think, below. I welcome your comments (though again, if commenting on the interface, note the comments on the page where I list plans I already have).

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Looks good Charlie! I'm hoping submitters will be able to include a short description of their presentation: although "Advanced CFForms" sounds enticing, it would still be nice to know whether the presenter is going to spend his or her time discussing Flash exclusively, do mainly form validation etc. etc.
# Posted By Mischa | 10/2/06 1:48 PM
Mischa, thanks for the comment. If there's no description, it's simply that the person submitting the presentation didn't add one. It may be that there was none. That was the case myself when I submitted many of them originally. I only found them mentioned somewhere, with nothing more than the title and URL. I went the extra step to load them up to a) make sure they work and b) get the duration. If I could figure that date presented, I added that. Still, such info's not always available.

Now, that said, I took your feedback and added a line where the description *would* be to say that if there's none, it's because the submitter offered none. At least you then know who to look to. Thanks for the "suggestion". :-)
# Posted By Charlie Arehart | 10/2/06 2:23 PM
I have seen some of these presentations before and they were indeed good quality. I do enjoy the Adobe Acrobat Connect product line, even though Adobe Breeze sounded more interesting. This would make a good community selling point if you can get more and more presentations available. I suspect it will be a daunting task to gather that kind of material. I am not sure how many people are excited to get recorded. I will have to endeavor and start creating pod casts snippets and start distributing them on small topics. Perhaps, the length of the presentation is a consideration for some.

# Posted By Teddy R Payne | 10/2/06 4:30 PM
Yep, more would be better, but there are many more out there and getting created all the time. What is needed is for folks to think of this as *the* place to put such new links when created. And I'm totally open to shorter, personally created ones. That's why I offered the option to indicate the duration, so folks can use that as a guide if desired.
# Posted By Charlie Arehart | 10/2/06 5:08 PM
Hey Charlie,

Not complaining - this is a fantastic service to the community and its much appreciated. But the interface does need a little work - just kind of tough to page through. I actually find it more useful to bump up the entries in your RSS feed and browse the offerings there: http://carehart.org/...

Anyway thanks for putting this out there.

# Posted By Jason Blum | 5/20/07 9:05 PM
Jason, please do tell me more. What part is tough? Is it that the icons (< and >) are too small? Perhaps you're at a high resolution and I'd not considered that. Or is it something else?

I'll grant that the interface was a quick-and-dirty to get things started. I've contemplated doing a Flex interface, or now with CF8 coming perhaps I could leverage the new HTML grids. That's all it is, of course, a grid. I have various improvements in mind. What particularly are you looking for?

Since you mention finding it easier to look at in the RSS view, are you simply saying you want to see more than the current number of entries? If I added a means to view more records at once, would that solve it?

I'd want to make sure you knew about the search interface, but I'm sensing that you want to browse through what all's there more easily? Perhaps now that there are over 130 presentations, I could revisit how to make that easier. I'll consider it, but do let me know what else you may be seeking.
# Posted By Charlie Arehart | 5/21/07 12:52 PM
OK, Jason (and anyone interested), I have for now at least added a "show how many records" option at the bottom of the grid, so you can make it show as many as you want.
# Posted By Charlie Arehart | 5/21/07 1:12 PM
perfect! Yeah I think I was trying to do exactly this, by hacking the URL show parameter, but it seemed to be locked down somehow, and not allowing me to exceed 10. So this is perfect. Theres so much material here - I've been trying to throw them on my laptop for review during my commute. Thanks for the service. -J
# Posted By Jason Blum | 5/21/07 2:08 PM
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