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FusionReactor 10 released, May 18: resources and thoughts

If you're using FusionReactor, note that a new version 10 (10.0.0) released yesterday, May 18. While it's a new major release number, most of the items listed as new aren't really things that you will "see" as changed in the interface. I don't quite want to call it just "plumbing"--the folks had their reason to regard the new and changed features as warranting the major version number increase.

For more, read on.

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ColdFusion 2023 released, May 17 2023: resources and thoughts

ColdFusion 2023 has been released today, May 17 2023. For more on the many features, see the following several Adobe blog posts and substantial documentation resources they released also today, about which I offer some additional comment below.

I also discuss changes in OS support (saving you having to compare the docs discussing that), as well as the change to CF2023 running on Java 17 (which you could miss, as it's not highlighted by Adobe in any of the announcement resources.) I also discuss changes in the licensing document/EULA (again, to save you having to do that comparison), as well as an observation about pricing (it has not changed since CF2021).

I also discuss some migration considerations and close by pointing out the Hidden Gems in CF2023 talk that I did, based on the prerelease. I plan to update that in time based on this final release.

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ICYMI: FusionReactor 9.2.2 released Mar 1, can track query cache count per app, fixes memory issues

TLDR; In case you missed it, FusionReactor 9.2.2 was released on March 1, 2023, and among its new features it can optionally now track CF query cache counts per app (as I'll show). It also fixes an important issue of CF 2021 or 2018 "suddenly using a lot of heap memory" which was caused by a change introduced in FR 9.2 as released in mid-Jan, and 9.2.2 also adds new JVM args and UI elements to control the features related to that (as I'll show). There are a couple of other bug fixes/changes as are tracked in the FR release notes.

For some, that news is all they need to hear. For others, read on for more details (including why the delay in my announcing this).

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Delighted to be speaking at CFCamp 2023

I'm delighted to announce that I've been selected to speak at CFCamp 2023, in Munich this June. This will be my 7th year in a row presenting at this wonderful event (not counting when it was skipped in 2020-22), and my 8th year total.

(While I said "thrilled" about my previous two conference announcements, saying "delighted" here is not a downgrade. Just a desire not to sound repetitive!)

My talk will be...

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New look for CArehart.org, especially better for the blog on mobile

OK, so in my last post (celebrating my 600th post and 17th year blogging here) I happened to admit that the site still looked like it was from 2006--that's actually the year of the blogcfc 5.005 version that I based it on...and I never really changed the "look and feel" much.

Until this weekend...and it may not be noticeable to all, but I suspect some things will stand out to regular readers, starting with....

Blog much improved on mobile!

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An interesting pair of anniversaries for my blog: 600 posts, over 17 years this month

After I posted my last entry, I happened to notice that it was exactly my 600th post here at carehart.org/blog. How about that? And in that time I've had 3,645 comments from folks. I do write mostly for you all, so thanks!

I also noticed that it marks my 17th year of blogging here, almost to the day with my first entry posted this same week back then, Apr 15 2006. That's "pretty darn interesting", as Ray Camden might say.

FWIW, I'd also blogged elsewhere--yes, on CF--prior to starting this one. And the first of those posts were in early 1998--so technically it's my 25th anniversary of blogging about CF. :-)

But about that dated site layout...

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New updates released for Java 8, 11, 17, and 20 as of Apr 18 2023: resources and thoughts

It's that time again: there are new JVM updates released today (Apr 18, 2023) for the current long-term support (LTS) releases of Oracle Java, 8, 11, and 17, as well as the current interim update 20.

TLDR: The new updates are 1.8.0_371 (aka 8u371), 11.0.19, 17.0.7, and 20.0.1 respectively). For more on each of them, including what changed and the security fixes they each contain (including their CVE scores regarding urgency of concerns), see the Oracle resources I list below. Oracle calls them "critical patch updates" (yep, CPU), but they are in fact scheduled quarterly updates, so that "critical" nomenclature may sometimes be a bit overstated. And as is generally the case with these Java updates, most of them have the same changes and fixes across the versions as each other, though not always.

Note: If you use the JDK installer and may be coming to this update of Java 11 or 17 having skipped the last update, 11.0.18 or 17.0.6 respectively, please note there is an important change to the installer (for all OSs) which you should consider before proceeding. For more, see my discussion below.

For some folks, that's all they need to hear. For others, read on for topics like:

  • Finding more info on these Jan 2023 Java updates
  • What about other JVM distributions besides Oracle?
  • News for my CF audience (getting the Java updates from Adobe or Oracle, how to update, why you should NOT for now use Java 17 with CF, etc)
  • Should you apply the update? how soon?
  • Beware a change in the January 2023 JVM update regarding the JDK installer
  • Beware a change in the October 2022 JVM update regarding Java no longer trusting jars signed with SHA-1
  • Beware a change in the April 2021 JVM update, if you may be skipping over it
  • Wrapping up, getting more help

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ColdFusion March 2023 emergency update, and what to do about it

If you've not heard, a new update has been released (March 14, 2023) for ColdFusion 2021 and 2018. Despite what you may hear, this is an URGENT (rated "Priority 1" by Adobe) update that everyone should apply ASAP, for reasons I will explain in this post. In fact, Hackernews reported yesterday (Mar 16) that the U.S. Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) had issued an urgent warning about this, giving federal agencies a deadline to apply the update.

TLDR; For some folks, the above may be all you need to hear: you may be dropping your coffee and donuts now to get the update applied. Still others will see this "huge post" and think, "crap, I don't have time for this". For you, skip to the bottom and its "concluding key points". You can then decide what you think you do or don't "need to know" and pick and choose from the sections as you like.

Finally, for those who prefer because of the importance of all this to be led more carefully through understanding things (in a way that's worked for the many people I have helped so far this week, and is far more than either Adobe or Hackernews has shared), please do read on.

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Thrilled to be speaking at Adobe CF Summit East, Apr 6

I'm thrilled to announce that I've been asked to present again at the Adobe ColdFusion Summit East 2023, a free one-day conference being held in Washington DC on Apr 6, at the Marriott Marquis.

For more on the event, my talk, and how this means I have to skip attending/speaking at DevNexus the same week, read on.

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FusionReactor 9.2.1 update released: resources and thoughts

If you're using FusionReactor, note that a new 9.2.1 update was released last week, Jan 31, with a couple of bug fixes--including one where you may need to add a JVM arg to prevent an error, in a certain case as I will discuss.

For more, read on.

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