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I'll be presenting, "Hidden gems in CF2021, a year later", at Adobe CF Summit 2021

Just a heads up, for any who may be interested to hear: I will be one of the presenters at the upcoming Adobe ColdFusion Summit 2021 in December, being held again online this year.

My talk will be a reprisal and update of my traditional "hidden gems" talk, this one focused especially on things that have changed since the initial release of ColdFusion 2021 (and my talk at last year's Summit):

Hidden gems in CF2021, a year later

It's been a year since the release of CF 2021, and also since Charlie Arehart offered his "hidden gems" talk at last year's CF Summit. Perhaps you caught his talk then, or not, and maybe you've started using the release--or still have not. Either way, there've been a number of updates as well as some changes in features since the release. In this updated talk, Charlie helps both audiences consider aspects of ColdFusion 2021 that they may have missed.
Registration at the event is free, via the conference site, and the other couple of dozen sessions (in two tracks) are all listed there now. "See" you there. :-)

FusionReactor 8.7.4 released, now tracks JDBC time, etc. much more noticeably

FusionReactor version 8.7.4 was released recently (Oct 28. 2021), and while the release notes list several improvement (and a few bug fixes), I want to highlight in particular a couple of new features.

TLDR; The first improvement is one I've been looking forward to for years: the display of JDBC time spent and time spent calling out to remote services on the pages that list requests, like active/longest/slow requests. This will really speed up assessment of the reason of slowness in listed requests. See the screenshot below, and still more as well as another new feature.

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Return of AWS Lambda support in ColdFusion 2021 Update 2...well, kinda

Some folks may have heard or noticed that update 2 of CF2021 has returned "CF AWS Lambda" support. And while I was delighted to hear that news, my excitement dimmed when I saw what the "returned feature" was about. (As a reminder, the feature had been removed shortly after the initial release of CF2021, in news I shared then.)

TLDR; While the original CF AWS Lambda feature (removed shortly after the release) let you CREATE AWS Lambda/serverless packages written in CFML, the feature as "returned" to us now in update 2 only allows you to CALL AWS Lambda functions from within CFML. That's QUITE a difference.

And sure, there's value in being able to call AWS LAMBDAS in cfml, as I'll note. (And yes, it's already possible to execute cfml in AWS Lambdas in Lucee via Fuseless, as I also note later.) I just am really hopeful that at some later point the original capability will be returned.

Below, I share how I came to understand things..including more on what was possible before, what we were even teased by over the summer in the prerelease of CF2021 update 2, and then finally what the current capability allows.

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New updates released for Java 8 and 11 (and 17), Oct 2021

New JVM updates have been released yesterday (Oct 19, 2021) for the current long-term support (LTS) releases of Oracle Java, 8, 11, and 17. (Note that prior to Java 9, releases of Java were known technically as 1.x, to 8 is referred to in resources below as 1.8.) While the news has been announced by Oracle and shared in the IT press, I know that some of my readers don't necessarily follow those sources closely.

The new updates are 1.8.0_311, (aka 8u311), 11.0.13, and 17.0.1, respectively).

For more on them, including information on the security fixes and bug fixes they each contain, see the Oracle resources I list below, as well as some additional info I offer for if you may be skipping to this from a JVM update from before Apr 2021, as well as info for Adobe ColdFusion users on where to find the updated Java versions, what JVM versions Adobe CF supports, and more.

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Beware of ransomware attacks happening on ColdFusion 9 and earlier

If you're running CF9 or 8, beware: a recent spate of ransomware attacks have occurred, hitting such old CF servers that were not updated (in ways offered by Adobe in 2010!) This news has been reported in various security industry press, but I want to share here more that they generally did not.

TLDR; A most basic message to hear is "get off of CF9", or any version of CF that is no longer supported. But for the sake of those who wonder, "while I work on that, is my CF 9 really impacted?", I address that, and more. But again updating 9 to just "leave it at that" and get on with your life is NOT the main message to be hearing!

Of course, it's always risky to run old versions of software, and to be clear, CF9 was released in 2009 and CF8 in 2007. Sadly, some shops drag their feet to keep even such old software updated (they each got updates for 5 years after their release). But the problem is really coming home to roost for some.

Who's affected, and who's not? And what can you do, if still on CF9 or 8? And what more is known about the attack?

For more, read on. (BTW, yes I am aware that this is not "new info", as some were sharing it as much as 2 weeks ago. It simply took me time to gather up all the info below, to provide more specifics than those general interest articles were sharing.)

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Finding default/initial CF admin config (neo-*.xml) files, now at cfmlrepo.com

Have you ever wished to obtain a copy of one CF's neo-*.xml files (like neo-cron.xml), for the purpose of setting yours back to its defaults? Folks sometimes need to do that to recover from certain problems.

I've seen the problem raised often enough that when I saw someone raising it this weekend, I decided to solve it by creating a new folder in the cfmlrepo.com site, at least for CF2021 and CF2018 (for now), offering there the initial versions of all the neo-*.xml files for those two editions.

For more information, see what I shared (including more background on the issue, where I got the files, where I put the files, and more) in my reply about all this to the CF Community thread where the user raised the need this weekend.

And for the sake of those who may "just want the files" without any need of explanation or warnings:

I welcome thoughts, feedback, or suggestions.

FusionReactor 8.7.3 released: some email-related enhancements/fixes

FusionReactor users will want to know that an update 8.7.3 had been released, Aug 12 2021. This update addresses in particular a few enhancements/fixes related to configuring email settings in FR. I'll share a bit more on each below. (If you notice that your reports/alerts were not showing up in recent weeks, there was a problem for some that this update fixes. More below.)

Of course, if you view your FR on-premises user interface, that should inform you when a new version is available (at least since FR versions of the past couple of years). You can also learn of FR updates via the FR downloads page.  As for what the update offers, that's offered in the release notes, whose link is also offered on that downloads page above. 

For the TL;DR crowd, if the brief several words per fix offered in those release notes may be enough for you, you're done. If instead you're left wondering just what they may be referring to, I can elaborate. The changes are things I'm especially glad to see.

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Lots more to the current CF2021, 2018 prerelease than folks may realize

Have you checked out the many things coming in the updates for CF2021 and 2018 in prerelease the past few weeks? Anyone is welcome to join the prerelease, logging in with an Adobe account. It's a lot more substantial than I think most realize.

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Video now posted of my DevWeek talk on "ColdFusion at 25", more modern than most think

If you may have missed my talk at the Adobe CF Developer Week 2021 in June 22-24, the session recording is now posted online, via tv.adobe.com.

Adobe informed speakers after the session about how their session was rated by attendees. Mine got 4.5 out of 5 for "content quality of the session" and 4.4 out of 5 for "speaker's knowledge of the subject". I hope those folks will help me know where I could improve on those. I got no feedback, though I offer my email and social media handle on the title page and every slide. :-)

I offer a PDF of those slides (as well as a link to the recording and the session description) on my "presentations" page link for the talk.

One other thing: the formal title I'd chosen (months ago) was indeed, "ColdFusion at 25: not the kid most have stuck in their minds". But I realize now there's klunkiness to that subtitle ("not the kid most have stuck in their minds"). More important it didn't convey as readily the main point I was making.

So I've changed the subtitle on my site, to match what I say in the blog post title above ("more modern than most think"). And I'll use that if I present it again. Also I've changed it in the PDF offered on my site above, and FWIW I've tweaked the slides just a bit already since the talk, also now posted.

Again, if you saw/watch the talk or slides and may have any additional feedback for me, I welcome it here or privately, including open twitter DM's. (Sadly, the tv.adobe.com site offers no commenting feature.)

FusionReactor 8.7.2 released

Just a quick note to report that FusionReactor 8.7.2 has been released, on July 5 2021. You can see the changes (new features/improvements) and bug fixes (there are just several rather modest ones this release) in the release notes doc for all FR 8 versions.

If you may lose track of that link, note that a link to it is also offered on the FR downloads page, where it appears as a "release notes" link in the blue banner shown above the available downloads.

As an aside, the FR folks themselves may or may not share news of a point release (perhaps tweeting via their twitter account, if not a blog post, or perhaps in a direct email to customers). They do tend to do soft rollouts of updates, putting them out for a few days before spreading the news.

So how do I know of it? Well, I use a nifty (old-school) free service called followthatpage.com, which I have watching that page for any changed, so I know if/when they do update the release notes. :-) And I share the news here because I know that many of my readers are FusionReactor users, who are of a sort that might like to know this new in advance.

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