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Finding resources on ColdFusion 11's mobile development features

Have you wondered where you can find more about ColdFusion 11's mobile development features? (Did you know that CF11 added such features?) There are several resources provided by Adobe and others. In this post I highlight those various resources, with a focus on the many (and many kinds of) Adobe-provided ones.

How I came to gather this info, and how some have missed it

I had a client recently ask about where he might learn more about ColdFusion's "new mobile development features". He thought it was new to CF12 (in prerelease) but I explained that it was actually introduced in ColdFusion 11.

He's not the first person who was not aware of that change in CF11. A lot of people just don't pay close attention to what's in each new CF release, especially when it first comes out. I find that many wait a year or more before they consider a move to a new release. Of course, some are waiting for a first update or point release, but there can be other reasons.

Anyway, as for the mobile features in CF 11, note that some aspects are in CFML, while others are provided via functionality in ColdFusion Builder 3. (I'm not interested here to discuss the prods, cons, or debates about the feature set. I'm just wanting to point out resources for those who want to consider it.)

To find more about how to use it, including docs, articles, videos, and more, read on.

Adobe documentation about CF11 mobile Development

The first place most would and should go to learn about the CF11 mobile features is the CF documentation itself. While often I point out to folks that they should look beyond the CFML Reference to the ColdFusion Developer's Guide, both of which have existed in the CF docs for several years, in the case of mobile development, Adobe broke it out into its own manual:

Mobile Application Development (a manual of about 70 pages, with several sections)

Though there is also a brief discussion of the CFClient tag, in particular, in a section of the Developer's Guide.

And then there are references to other related tags and functions in the CFML reference, of course, and the resources listed above do also point to those where appropriate.

Other Adobe resources on CF11 mobile development

Beyond the docs, Adobe created several more resources related to mobile (including when CF11 was known during prerelease by its code name, Splendor):

There were several Adobe articles on mobile:

And then there are other kinds of resources, such as:

There are of course more still resources on the CF11 mobile capability from others folks, as you may find via some Google searching. I just wanted to help him (and now you) get started with the feature, from the perspective of Adobe's own references.

Hope that's helpful.

PS Again, I really don't care to see a discussion here of people's opinions of the mobile feature. I'm well aware that some think it's not something Adobe ought to have bothered with, or they don't care for it being in the server, preferring it was only in Builder, and so on. Also, please let's not turn this into a forum for questions about the mobile development feature. There is already an Adobe CF forum for that (and though some tpics make it seem that it's become a bit bucket for anything "Adobe-mobile-related", that's the poster's mistake. That forum is definitely "under" CF.)

I wanted to share an update to this post of mine (written as it was in Sep 2015). While I still point folks to it when they're interested to know more about CF's built-in mobile development feature, they do sometimes ask about "other options" they might consider as well. Of course there are many such platforms.

But I'll give a special shout out here to NativeScript (http://www.nativescr...), a popular open source mobile dev platform, whose evangelist is Dan Wilson--a long-time CFer and community builder, who is now working for Telerik, the company sponsoring the open source project.

He and a colleague presented on it early last year at one of my online CF Meetups (coldfusionmeetup.com), and it looked quite compelling (so it's good AND free AND well-supported). You can view the recording of about an hour (along with other recent online CF meetups) here:


And of course you can find out more about NativeScript via the NS site and on the web via many still-more recent resources from throughout its community since then. (And FWIW, there is a major new version (3) about to come out, as I write.)

Hope that’s helpful.

PS In case anyone may ask, I don’t do mobile development myself (I don’t do any development as a consultant, only for myself, and I just have not felt compelled to create any mobile apps for myself.) That said, I am working on implementing my site in a new platform which will provide responsive design out of the box for better appearance on mobile apps throughout my site. I guess some may call that poor-man's mobile development. :-) For now I have some responsive design on *some* parts of the site but not others (the blog, the CF911 wiki, etc.). The new implementation will unify everything under one interface, adding still more benefits. More news on that as it happens.
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