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Get your fill/feeds of Adobe ColdFusion Technotes, Hotfixes, Security Bulletins, and articles

Ever wish you could be notified when there's a new CF technote, hotfix, security bulletin, or DevCenter CF article? You can be, whether via your favorite RSS reader or by email (more below). There are feeds for each of the following:

Don't have an RSS feed reader? Get them by email

If you don't have an RSS feed reader, or you simply prefer to receive such things by email, you can. Check out the various RSS-to-Email tools (all free) which I list in my category, "RSS to Email Tools", in my list of over 100 tools and resources for CFers.

Adobe Feeds for Other Products

If you're interested, you can find many other feeds across all Adobe products at http://www.adobe.com/support/rss/.

Beware of older CF feeds

One last FYI: you may find reference on the web to the following old technote URLs, which do still work but have not been updated since CF 7, such as http://weblogs.macromedia.com/product_feeds/archives/coldfusion/index.rdf and this "ColdFusion news" feed.

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Don't forget that the ColdFusion Portal (http://www.coldfusio...) has a live view of these RSS feeds. (Going to check now to ensure I'm not using any of the old feeds.)
# Posted By Raymond Camden | 7/16/08 2:49 PM
One you missed I think is the CF Events feed.


Well, it's not CF specific, but on the portal I filter.
# Posted By Raymond Camden | 7/16/08 2:52 PM
Thanks, Ray. Good to point out that they're listed on the portal. I'll offer that they're listed in a couple of places also on my Tools and Resources page. :-)


As for the events page, well, I'd like it a lot more if it was CF-specific. I'm willing to suffer through some non-CF stuff in the Security Bulletins page (as important as that is), but I'd become quickly annoyed with that events page since most is not CF-related. That said, someone could write a yahoo pipe to filter it--there's something to add to the portal! :-)
# Posted By Charlie Arehart | 7/16/08 3:45 PM
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