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Adobe acquires Serious Magic (nifty video software)

Adobe has acquired the company Serious Magic, makers of some nifty video software (particularly Visual Communicator). While this news is making the rounds on the Non-CF feeds at MXNA and FullAsAGoog, I don't see it mentioned yet in the CF feeds. No, it's not a CF-specific product, but it may appeal to some in the CF Community who like to create video content. You can read the press release for more.

I've been a Serious Magic customer for a couple of years, though I've never gotten around to using my VC license. :-) It's really interesting, allowing you to create compelling "tv-like" videos using green screen technology (to have your video appear within or atop an interesting background) and teleprompting to ease reading of scripts. (Since I've never given speeches or read on screen from scripts, I'll admit that's not suited me.)

But if you haven't seen what the tool can do, check out the product page which has a nice few-minute long embedded video (that starts within a few moments of viewing the page) in which the author has used the tool to demonstrate itself.

I wish I'd gotten around to using it, as now with the Adobe acquisition I expect to see a lot more use of the tool. "I coulda been a contender!" :-) Enjoy.

This is top grade production level software. You can use it for simple things like blogs, but you can also use it to make documentaries. VERY GOOD STUFF
# Posted By John Farrar | 10/19/06 9:23 PM
ohh that is rather cool isn't it
# Posted By Russ Michaels | 10/21/06 5:31 PM
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