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My catalog of 50 ColdFusion Zeus features discussed publicly so far

Note: This blog post is from 2011. Some content may be outdated--though not necessarily. Same with links and subsequent comments from myself or others. Corrections are welcome, in the comments. And I may revise the content as necessary.
Would you be interested in a catalog of what features have been identified (new, changed, or removed) in ColdFusion Zeus? Would you be surprised to hear that there are about 50 that have been mentioned so far?

Check out what the presentation I offered today, "What's Next In CF Zeus?" (PDF of slides), which I presented at CFCamp in Munich.

(I had mentioned last week that I would be presenting this and another presentation, as well as a daylong class. BTW, the daylong class was popular, with 13 students. Great to meet all those who attended.)

I explain in the slides how I gathered the info, from 5 public Adobe Zeus sessions I've seen so far. None of those had yet cataloged ALL features that had been shown in the other sessions. There were certain things mentioned in all 4, but then also each showed things (or in more detail) that the other did not. I enjoyed pulling this all together in this talk.

As I also note in the slides, I was not permitted to show live demos (only Adobe employees can do that), but still the listing of features and brief discussions (including some code) should still be valuable. I also point to the URLs for the 4 currently available recorded public Adobe sessions, which do in fact offer more code and live demos.

I suspect I'll offer the talk soon on the CFMeetup. I may also present them in another form. But until then, enjoy the slides.

Do let me know if it's a useful list for you, or if I left anything out!

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Good stuff Charlie... thanks!
# Posted By Rick Smith | 10/28/11 2:09 PM
Any sign of the alpha prelease.adobe.com?
# Posted By Dawesi | 11/3/11 12:02 PM
Dawesi, I answer that and several other common questions (that people would want to ask about the prerelease) in the next to last slide of the presentation:

- When will it be released?
- How will it be priced?
- What will be included in Enterprise? Standard?
- Any changes to CFBuilder? CF Report Builder? etc?
- How do I get on the prerelease?
- Will Zeus add xxx which Railo/OpenBlueDragon already has?
- And so on

I head the slide with the title, "FAQTCYBA", which I then define on the slide as "Frequently Asked Questions That Cannot Yet Be Answered."

The bottom line is that we have no info about them for now.
# Posted By Charlie Arehart | 11/3/11 1:55 PM
I guess I'd assumed I'd already have it considering you guys have it, perhaps I've been dropped from the alpha list for the first time in 3 versions...

# Posted By Dawesi | 11/6/11 10:50 PM
Dawesi, the Alpha has only been released to the ACPs for CF (mentioned by one of the Adobe presenters, so I'm not telling tales out of school). If you are not one, then that would be why. It will surely be opened more widely in due time. Hope that's helpful.
# Posted By Charlie Arehart | 11/8/11 10:57 AM
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