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Welcome to UGTV, a repository of links to 872 recorded user group presentations by 374 speakers around the world, totalling 870+ hours of video, offered as a service to user group members and managers by Charlie Arehart and Though created primarily for the ColdFusion community, I welcome listing links to presentations from segments of the Adobe user group world, and indeed other user group communities.

View/Search/Sort - If you're a a developer wanting to watch a recorded presentation, or a user group looking to show one at your meeting, you can view/search/sort and get RSS feeds of the growing list here. Enjoy.
Here's a random sample of just some of the presenters available:
, Ashley Willis, Aaron Foss, Aaron Greenlee, Aaron West, Abbas Rizvi, Adam Benzion, and hundreds more
Add - If you're aware of a recorded presentation not listed here, or if you're with a user group who creates a recording, please add the presentation here. Thanks.
Here's a random sample of just some of the 86 folks who've submitted:
webmaster, ttaletrbks, Tony Watkins, Tim Cunningham, Steven Erat, Steve Bryant, Stephen Moretti, and more

Record - If you're an Adobe user group manager who has not yet started recording presentations, learn how you can for free.

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