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The UGTV site holds links to recordings from user group speakers all over the world (primarily on ColdFusion but also other Adobe topics. More on the intro page.) While it's offered as a free service by Charlie Arehart and, anyone can add links using this easy form. If you're looking for downloadable recordings, see the note at bottom here.

The list currently holds 877 presentations from 374 presenters, totaling 953+ hours of video, that I and 67 others have added so far. (Note available RSS feed below, including an available feed based on search criteria.)

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Intro to Reactor
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John Blayter 1:06 2006-09-27 2006-07-01charlie arehart
How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Model-Glue
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Ray Camden 1:12 2006-09-27 2006-05-24charlie arehart
Remoting w/ Flash,Flex,ColdFusion
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Roberto C. Frias 1:04 2006-09-27 2006-02-16charlie arehart
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Daryl Bantarri 0:53 2006-09-27 2006-02-01charlie arehart
Using virtualization to help with ColdFusion development
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Kev McCabe 1:01 2006-09-28 2006-09-28charlie arehart
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Rob Gonda 1:07 2006-09-28 2006-09-13charlie arehart
What's new in Mach II 1.1
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Peter Farrell and Matt Woodward 1:00 2006-09-28 2006-08-29charlie arehart
Flex 2 and ColdFusion
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Mike Nimer 1:17 2006-09-28 2006-07-05charlie arehart
Objects and Persistence
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Sean Corfield 1:04 2006-09-28 2006-06-21charlie arehart
FarCry 3.0
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Geoff Bowers 1:36 2006-09-28 2006-05-24charlie arehart
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Look for this interface to improve over time...

...including categorizing (vital as more are added), perhaps using Flex or Ajax. Additionally, I'd like to offer the option to capture more details about each presentation as well as to add a mechanism for viewers to share comments with each other on each presentation.

If you have other ideas, let me know at charlie (at)

About "no description"

If there's "no description available", it's just that the submitter didn't offer one. It could be that there simply was none they could offer, or they didn't know where to find one. I don't want to hamper people submitting presentations by forcing them to come up with descriptions. The field is there if they have one to offer. In the future, I'll enable a mechanism for folks to offer comments on each presentation, and from those I would gladly update the description (or allow the submitter to).

Looking for downloadable versions?

Are you looking for downloadable versions of these recordings? I'm afraid that's not something I can control for most of these recordings. TO be clear, this UGTV resource is just a repository of *links* to recordings (which can be posted by anyone at all). I do not host the *recordings*. I only offer a place to point to them in an organized fashion.

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