Log Parser Resource Area (Last Updated: Nov 20, 2020)

Welcome Charlie Arehart's Log Parser resource area, a vast resource list of tools on the LogParser (or "Log Parser", as it's formally known) tool. While the focus is to help CFML developers become familiar with the Log Parser tool, and ways to use it with ColdFusion and related technologies, non-CFML developers will also gain value from these resources.

This area will evolve as I expand it and add new resources. Some will be ones I create, while others will be located elsewhere.

Available sections:

Fundamental Log Parser Resources

My Own Log Parser Resources

Log Parser GUIs

There are some available GUIs which can help process LP commands:

Learning More about Log Parser (articles and blog entries)

I've found many more resources since I wrote the article above. Don't worry if some are a few years old. The Log Parser tool hasn't really changed much since 2003. That's ok, though. It does what it does well. Similarly, some of them focus on using it with things like ASP.NET, or MS Exchange, etc. Don't dismiss the articles, though. They may still discuss a feature that could benefit you.

Other Log Parser Resource Lists

  • Log Parser Plus, another meta resource site, with links to examples, articles, references
  • Lizard Labs, the lower portion of this page about the LogParser Lizard tool does have a section pointing to many other LP resources

Bloggers writing a lot about Log Parser

If you would like to propose other resources that could be listed here, please contact me.

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