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The UGTV site holds links to recordings from user group speakers all over the world (primarily on ColdFusion but also other Adobe topics. More on the intro page.) While it's offered as a free service by Charlie Arehart and, anyone can add links using this easy form. If you're looking for downloadable recordings, see the note at bottom here.

The list currently holds 775 presentations from 351 presenters, totaling 848+ hours of video, that I and 69 others have added so far. (Note available RSS feed below, including an available feed based on search criteria.)

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14 recordings found with reference to virtual
Title Presenter
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Date Posted Date Recorded Submitter
Simon Free - AIR, ColdFusion, Merapi
Simon Free  2010-02-08 2009-10-17Jim Priest
CFMeetup: Hack-Proofing Your ColdFusion Powered Sites
Scott Stroz 1:12 2008-12-04 2008-12-04charlie arehart
Adobe + Mozilla =- Tamarin
Pam Deziel and Frank Hecker 0:42 2006-11-20 2006-11-06charlie arehart
CFMeetup: Setting Up A Solid Local Development Environment
Kurt Wiersma 1:14 2008-10-23 2008-10-23charlie arehart
CFUnited: Setting up a solid local developement Environment
Kurt Wiersma 1:00 2010-08-13 2010-07-28Tim Cunningham
Using virtualization to help with ColdFusion development
(no description *)
Kev McCabe 1:01 2006-09-28 2006-09-28charlie arehart
CFMeetup: Digging Into The Developer Toolbox
Jim Priest 0:58 2010-09-09 2010-09-09charlie arehart
What's new in CouchDB 0.11 & 1.0
Jan Lehnardt 1:00 2010-06-29 2010-06-22Henry Ho
CFMeetup - Powerful code-free web testing with OctoPerf
Guillaume Betaillouloux 0:44 2019-10-10 2019-10-10Charlie Arehart
CFMeetup: Railo Open Source
Gert Franz 1:24 2009-01-29 2009-01-29Charlie Arehart
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Look for this interface to improve over time...

...including categorizing (vital as more are added), perhaps using Flex or Ajax. Additionally, I'd like to offer the option to capture more details about each presentation as well as to add a mechanism for viewers to share comments with each other on each presentation.

If you have other ideas, let me know at charlie (at)

About "no description"

If there's "no description available", it's just that the submitter didn't offer one. It could be that there simply was none they could offer, or they didn't know where to find one. I don't want to hamper people submitting presentations by forcing them to come up with descriptions. The field is there if they have one to offer. In the future, I'll enable a mechanism for folks to offer comments on each presentation, and from those I would gladly update the description (or allow the submitter to). \

Looking for downloadable versions?

Are you looking for downloadable versions of these recordings? I'm afraid that's not something I can control for most of these recordings. TO be clear, this UGTV resource is just a repository of *links* to recordings (which can be posted by anyone at all). I do not host the *recordings*. I only offer a place to point to them in an organized fashion.

Now, for any of these recordings which are Adobe Connect sessions (such as all the CFMeetup sessions, which I manage myself), while the link shown here is that for a streamed video from Adobe, Connect did an an option a couple of years ago, so that anyone who MAKES a Connect recording CAN optionally choose to enable the users/viewers to choose to download the video while watching it. But there is no URL I can offer for that here. You need to open the video, using the Adobe-provided UI which appears when you follow the link here, and then IF the person making the recording did choose that option, you will see an option to save the recording locally.

There is also an option (for the person who makes a Connect recording to create a downloadable version, as an .flv file, which they may then also post somewhere to share. Even so, there are some challenges which limit how often folks do that:
  1. in order to create such an .flv file, the recording owner (the Connect Admin user) must tie up their machine for as long as it take to play the recording, in order to create the downloadable version,
  2. most people don't know what to do with an .flv file (there are free players for it, but most don't have them installed natively),
  3. most really want an mp4 or other format, and that's not an option in Connect. Instead, the person making the recording (or recording downloader) would need to take still more time to create this other format from each flv file recording, and finally
  4. as far as listing that downloadable file here, someone would then need to host that file (flv, mp4, etc.) in some location where then anyone could access it (whether YouTube, Vimeo, or some other place where they may then need to bear a cost of hosting them), and then finally
  5. they'd need to add a link to that other formatted video here. Most UG managers just will not bear all that effort. (I will say that I do offer the CFMeetup recordings on Vimeo and in latter years on Youtube, and those offer options for you to download the videos for offline viewing.)
I suppose readers of this may have hoped it might be as simple as me somehow enabling a button for you to download from here. :-) I cannot and I hope you can see now why it's just not that simple for others to solve, though things are indeed improving (with Connect adding the option to download recordings while streaming, if the person making the recording configured that, and with Youtube also now offering options to download videos).

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