Welcome to CArehart.org!

Welcome to CArehart.org, site of Charlie Arehart, who serves the ColdFusion community with several resources:
  • Charlie's consulting services - Have you got CF Server troubleshooting challenges? Charlie can help with CF server (and CFBuilder) troubleshooting, tuning, and configuration support and training, whether on-site or remote. He's available even for on-demand, very short-term help.
  • Charlie's blog - where he shares tips and news of value to CFML developers
  • Charlie's presentations - links to his past 100+ presentations to hundreds of user groups and nearly every CF conference
  • Charlie's articles - links to his 80+ articles for the Adobe DevCenter, FusionAuthority Quarterly Update, CommunityMX, CFDJ
  • The Online ColdFusion Meetup which Charlie hosts, a weekly online CF user group with over 2,800 members
  • Charlie's UGTV - home to over 600 recordings of presentations by more than 300 popular CFUG speakers
  • Charlie's CF411.com site, a listing of over 1,800 tools/resources in more than 150 categories
  • Charlie's CF911.com site, a site focused on CF Server troubleshooting, with thousands of links to resources
  • Charlie's Resource Lists - a compendium of dozens of resources to help CFML developers in a variety of ways, from ways to spy on ORM database interactions, to getting into the Multiserver/multi-instance form of CF deployment, to using LogParser for log analysis, and much, much more
Find Charlie's other resources and contributions.

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