Charlie's Training Services

In addition to the other free resources and consulting discussed elsewhere on this site, and the CF troubleshootign consulting Charlie provides, he can provide various forms of training in CF and related technologies, whether on-site, online, or at training facilities. As a teacher of ColdFusion classes since 1999, and an instructor and speaker in IT for over 25 years, he has received many favorable comments from students. Following is more information about each kind of training he currently offers:

Adobe ColdFusion Training (Online or On-site)

While Charlie is an Adobe Certified Instructor and has been presenting the official CF classes since 1999, including Fast Track to CF, Advanced CF, and more, he is not currently associated with any Adobe training center and not currently prepared to offer the Adobe CF training independently. That said, Adobe now offers the 9-hour FastTrack to CF training class online, for free. See other CF training resources Charlie lists at his CF411 category on that topic. He also lists others who offer live CF training whether online or on-site.

Intergral FusionReactor Training (online)

Charlie created and is the primary presenter of the online FusionReactor training classes offered by Intergral, makers of FusionReactor, FuaionAnalytics, and FusionDebug. Visit that site for registration details.

CArehart ColdFusion Training (online or on-site)

Charlie has developed several of his own classes over the years, typically in one-day or half-day seminar format. Courses include:
  • CF911: Solving CF Performance and Reliability Problems
  • Hidden Gems in ColdFusion Builder
  • Hidden Gems in CF x (for each version)
  • CF x: What did you miss (for each version)
These can be presented online or on-site. While he hasn't currently got any scheduled dates for these, if you're interested, feel free to contact him.

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