CF911 Wiki: A knowledge base and repository for CF server troubleshooting



Welcome to CF911, a resource- and knowledge-repository discussing matters related to CF server troubleshooting, created and updated by veteran CF troubleshooter Charlie Arehart.

This wiki has several dozen pages, as well as links to hundreds more resources, all organized around topics related to CF server troubleshooting (as well as related subjects like tuning, configuration, administration, installation, migration, etc.

The current main categories here, which each include many subcategories, are:

About the Wiki

Some pages offer information, while others offer organized links to resources elsewhere, which may include blogs, articles, presentations, etc. as well as links to categories within the companion resource site, also maintained by Charlie.

For articles, blogs, and presentations, the author and date will be indicated. Note that just because a resource may be some years old, if it's listed here it's because it still offers value. But the year is indicated to give a heads up as to the timing of the information presented in the resource, as some may well be specific to a given version of CF, or reflect that specific time.

Sources for Resources

Early in the life of the wiki, most of the resources will be those written by Charlie Arehart, the maintainer of this wiki, as well as other bloggers whose content Charlie has started to comb through to identify candidate resources. First up has been Mark Kruger. Resources from others will be added in time, including other long-standing CF troubleshooters like Steven Erat, Mike Brunt, Sarge, Jochem Van Dieten, the WebApper folks, the Intergral folks/, Brad Wood, and others, as well as entries related to this general topic from classic CF bloggers like Ray Camden, Ben Nadel, Sean Corfield, and others.

Again, though, this resource is NOT just about blog entries, but articles and presos as well. And it's not just about linking to other resources (though hopefully the organized repository will be helpful), but in time many pages will expand with additional information about each topic, in true wiki style.

Suggestions for new categories, information, or resources to add (whether specific resources or general repositories I should review) are most welcomed! In time I may also open the wiki to editing by others. For now, I am managing all the updates myself. (For now the wiki is driven by Ray's, which doesn't offer a built-in way to facilitate new users requesting to be editors. I may add that later.)