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MultiServer Monitor

Related to the ColdFusion Server Monitor, the MultiServer Monitor lets you watch certain high-level measures across one or more servers in a single interface.

More Information

While there is various (uneven) documentation on the MultiServer Monitor (and the Server Monitor) in the Adobe docs, the most complete coverage may be a 4-part series of articles written by CF911 author Charlie Arehart. See especially Part 4 in the series for coverage of the Multiserver Monitor.


Despite its name, the "MultiServer" monitor can be used to monitor more than just multiple instances in a MultiServer deployment. It can monitor any CF Enterprise/Developer/Trial edition, whether on one or across multiple servers.

As discussed in that part 4 of the series, one common gotcha when setting up the Multiserver Monitor is when the server being monitored is remote as compared to the CF server used to launch the MultiServer Monitor. See the article for an XML configuration that must be made on the "remote" server being monitored.