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FusionReactor, how do I love thee? Let me count the ways (a new blog series)

Many will know that I'm a huge fan of FusionReactor, the monitoring tool (and more) for ColdFusion, Lucee, or any Java server (Tomcat, Jetty, Glassfish, JBoss, Wildfly, WebLogic, etc). And now I want to start a new series of posts on it. For more, read on.

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Monitoring ColdFusion web server connectors, more on Tomcat 'Status Workers'

If you're running CF 10 or above, there was a very interesting post on the Adobe CF blog, from July 19 2015, entitled, Configuring Status Worker in Connectors. (If that URL fails, here's a link via the archive.org site.) The Adobe blog post title may not have caught your attention, but it's about setting up a lightweight and built-in Tomcat monitoring feature for observing the status of the Tomcat web server connector.

You may want to consider enabling it, but I would add some caveats and observations that I share below. Note that it's really quite easy to enable, and DOES NOT require a restart of CF (only of your web server, or technically in IIS, the application pool/s) to take effect.

If you've not yet read their blog entry, go check it out and then come back here for several observations I have to share, some of which I think you'll agree could be very important. (BTW, if you don't follow that Adobe CF blog regularly, you really should. Often great content, and very little "noise".)

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Recordings from ColdFusion Dev Week (cfdevweek) 2012 Now Posted

[If you're finding this page as a result of searching for recordings from later years, I have a new post on the 2017 recordings.]

If you missed any of the sessions from last week's ColdFusion Dev Week, or want to watch them again, you can now see the recordings for all of them. Just click the link for your desired session on this page.

Note that you do still need to use an Adobe account login to view them.

For my two talks, the direct links (still requiring your Adobe account login) are:

Three little niggles

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I'll be presenting two talks online at ColdFusion Developer Week (CFDevWeek), June 4-8th

Join me and over a dozen other presenters as we present (for free, online) 19 sessions over 5 days for the upcoming Adobe ColdFusion Developer Week 2012. Some of the sessions are on CF10, but others are not.

As for my talks, I'll be presenting my two cf.Objective() talks. Here are links for the description and my bio for each, but note that SIGNUP is done on the main page above:

These talks went very well both at cf.objective() and at the week-long CF10/Scotch on the Road tour where I presented them last week in 5 cities in Europe, so the talks are also well-practiced!

That said, I may tweak their look/feel or add new content before next week (indeed, I have tweaked the content considerably since the conference and did so also as the week progressed last week, adding new discoveries at each new city as I had so much time to explore during the trip.)

Please note the following points which I'm sure some would want to ask:

  • The times offered (above and on the site) are US PACIFIC time. Adjust your calendar entries accordingly!
  • You DO have to register (for free) at that first URL, to get the info for joining in on each Connect meeting
  • Yes, the meetings will be recorded (although many enjoy participating in the live talks so that they can get questions answered during or after the session). I'll offer a link here (and/or as a new entry) when the recordings are posted.

Finally, If you want to an easy URL to offer for that is http://adobe.com/go/cfdeveloperweek, and note that the hashtag for it is #CFDevWeek.

Slides available for my two recent talks: Hidden gems in CF10 & About ColdFusion 10 on Tomcat

If you're interested in checking out the slides for my two most recent talks, they are now available online:

These were offered recently at cf.objective() and the SOTR/CF10 European Tour events, as I had announced a couple of weeks ago.

These are just PDFs of the slides for now, no recordings. But as those who have seen me talk before know, I tend to offer a lot of detail in my slides, so that they do stand well alone (against the modern fashion of slides that are mostly just pictures).

Sure, I could do more pictures and offer slide notes. It's not that you can't teach an old dog new tricks, just that it takes a lot more patience! :-) I may modify these presentations that way, in fact, for future presentations of them. In fact, I will be blogging shortly about the next planned presentation of them for the Adobe CF 10 Developer Week coming up in June.

BTW, apologies to any folks from the two events who had looked for the PDF for the Tomcat talk previously. Somehow I had failed to offer a link to the PDF on the presentations page, even though I was updating and uploading new variations of it both before and after the events. Darn.

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